About Me...This Website...Food...you get it


As long as I can remember I've  loved cooking. When I was really young I would stay up late to watch Iron Chef re runs and Alton Brown (the OG episodes),  When I would get my allowance, I would spend it on some type of meat to half ass cook in our apartment. I had no clue what I was doing, I used awful ingredients, and it tasted pretty bad.

But it was something I made, I was proud and fascinated with the culinary concoctions. So needless to say, I've been cooking ever since. 

After some time in the Marine Corps and a couple years in Afghanistan (I even cooked a goat once). I realized how important good food was to me.

So why not figure out a way to make kickass food as a baller on a budget. Now I'm a Husband, a Dad, and a shitty cook. 

So join me on this journey to make bitchen food that is affordable and fun as hell to make.

Photo Credit: Scott Freeman