Coal Seared NY Strips

The ultimate BBQ stunner


This recipe will satisfy you on levels you didn't know could be satisfied. 

These steaks go perfect with the Coal seared Elote, and Stuffed Pasilla Peppers recipe!, link at the bottom!



3-6 thin cut NY strips

(no more than ½ inch thick)

Kosher Salt

Cayenne pepper

Chili powder

Tajín seasoning

Tin foil



Step 1) Place steaks on an airing rack and generously salt both sides, allow to sit on counter and come to room temp for 1 hour. The airing rack lets air circulate around it and the salt draws out the moisture.

Step 2) After the hour has passed, lightly-LIGHTLY (see how I said lightly?) sprinkle on the cayenne pepper and chili powder evenly like you’re the Tinkerbell of spices. Then sprinkle on as much tajín seasoning as you like, I tend to be generous because I can’t get enough of that stuff. Repeat on the other side.

Step 3) Light a large pile of lump charcoal until completely ashed over. Lay steaks directly on the coals for 1 minute a side. (that’s right, your inner primal instincts are just squealing with joy right now) 

Step 4) If little pieces of coal the size of a pea or smaller stick to the steaks, leave them on there. Leave it! Stay! Good boy. Wrap the steaks in tinfoil and let rest 15 minutes. If you want to make sure your steaks stay hot, you can place them in an oven pre heated to 180 but it will give the steaks a chance to cook a bit more. I tend to just leave them on the counter.

I suggest cooking these steaks with my coal roasted street corn and coal roasted stuffed pasilla peppers. The link to both is here: