Elote AKA Street Corn


Thought Corn on the Cob was Good?

Street corn makes corn on the cob look like amateur hour. This is always a hit at any BBQ.




2-4 ears of corn with husks attached but silks removed.

¼ cup mayo for spreading

1-2 cups cotija cheese

Tajín seasoning





Step 1) Pull husks back but be careful to keep them attached, be like some type of corn ninja, remove silk. Pull husks back over corn and soak in cold water for 30 minutes. (I use a rubber band to keep the husks on the corn but you don’t have to, just remember to remove them before they hit the grill.)

Step 2) Light a large pile of lump charcoal until completely covered in ash and spread out. Place corn directly on the coals turning every few minutes until it has a charred husk. Then wrap the ear of corn (husk still on) in tinfoil and lay back on the coals rotating often until the rest of your food is ready to go.

Step 3) Peel husks all the way back (or off, whatever you prefer). Slather on some mayo evenly all the way around (don’t go too crazy), then roll corn in a plate of cotija cheese. Sprinkle on a ton of tajin and devour like it’s the last thing you’ll ever eat. No one will blame you if you eat 2….or 6.