Mussels & Clams in a White Wine and Butter-Garlic Sauce


Simple. Elegant. And Fancy AF

Get your shellfish fix with this stupid easy recipe. Plus there’s wine.. and butter.. and crusty delicious bread. Need I say more? 



3-4 lbs mussels 

3-4 lbs clams

2 sticks butter (salted)

1 head garlic diced (or more)

1 brown onion

Juice of 1/2 a lemon

Salt to taste

1-2 cups dry white wine

1 tbsp chili flakes. 

1 crusty bread

Feeds 3-5 



Step1) In a large/tall pot melt butter over medium-high heat. Once melted add onion and garlic, sautée until onions are just barely translucent. Add wine, lemon, and salt. Taste the sauce and add anything that it’s lacking. Remember this is what you'll be dipping your crusty bread in at the end. Wines vary in how they affect the sauce, so after you add the first cup, decide if you need a little more or if it's a good flavor as is. 

Step 2) Wash clams and mussels. If any of them are open, gently try to close them with your index finger and thumb, if they don't close easily, discard. Add mussels and clams to pot and cover.


Step 3) Steam 10-15 minutes, stirring once or twice. By 15 minutes all your clams and mussels should be nice and open. Clams usually take a little longer to open. Be careful not to go too long or they get rubbery. 

Step 4) Place mussels and clams in a medium bowl for each person and laddle on a healthy portion of the butter wine sauce. Rip off a big ole piece of crusty bread and use it to soak up that delicious buttery, garlicky wine sauce.