2 Ingredient Sweet and Smokey Pork Ribs

Possibly the easiest and most delicious ribs you’ll ever make.


Im not kidding, 10 minutes of prep work, and 3 hours of drinking time. 



2 racks pork ribs

McCormicks Sweet and Smokey dry rub.

See, I told you it was only two ingredients. 



Step 1) Rinse Ribs and pat dry. Remove membrane. Liberally cover entire rack of ribs in the dry rub, and massage into meat. I mean really show it you care. It’s ok if you like doing it more than you should. Let sit at least 10 minutes.

Step 2) Heat Traeger to 225-250, place bone side down for 2 hours (I prefer it to be around 225). Then flip meat side down for 1 hour. When finished, sear over high heat on a gas grill preferably. Or you remove the ribs, set Traeger to highest setting then sear meat side down. I like using a gas grill because the flare ups give a delicious char.

There you have it, the easiest ribs you’ll ever make. Lots of idle time means more time to drink beer and watch that game uninterrupted. Or spend quality time with the family, your choice.